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Not every book can be the next Twilight

Monday Morning

Annabelle wasn’t your typical office drone, while all her coworkers were “working for the weekend” she couldn’t wait for Monday Morning. Annabelle is the kind of girl who loves a good beginning, she knows what few of us seem to recognize: without a beginning there can be no end or middle, no rising or falling action. Everything has a beginning, not everything gets an ending so why not embrace the beginning?

Then the worst happened, Sunday became the new first day of the week throwing her entire life out of balance. Why oh why did the European countries succumb to American ideals saying the week should begin on a Sunday? Poppycock! Monday is the day of beginnings, Sunday is a day of rest. How can one rest and begin at the same time? Balderdash!

Join Annabelle as she goes on an epic journey lobbying on behalf of Monday to an entire nation. Will her message be heard? Will anyone even care? Can she get a million people to join her Facebook group “If we get 1,000,000 people to join in the fight against Sunday being the beginning of the week I will ride the subway naked”?



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