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The Arizona Haboob Defends Itself To Angry Communities

 OK look guys, it isn’t my fault. I know you’re upset that your pools look like muddy water, your cars look like it rained dirt and you have to change the air filters in your  house. I get all that, I really do. Here is the thing, the haboob (me!) forms as cold downdrafts along the leading edge of a thunderstorm lift dust or sand into a huge, tumbling dark cloud (me, again!) that may extend horizontally for over a hundred kilometers and rise vertically to the base of the thunderstorm. Haboobs are most common in the African Sudan (where about 24 occur each year) and in the desert Southwest of the United States, especially in southern Arizona (this is where I live! and I’m only one not 24 so you should count your blessings!)… As you can see, this is all mother nature and thunderstorms fault. See, I’m just like you guys- blaming my parents for my downfalls! We can be friends right? I’ll Facebook you and we can share photos of the experience. You can find me at

Alright, I know you’re mad at me but I think with some time and distance you’ll realize I really do photograph well. I’m sorry for any harm I caused, I’m just a dust storm that snowballed out of control. Can we be friends again? Puh-leeze?


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