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Rejected Book Plots

Not every book can be the next Twilight

Dim Demolishing Dexter

Ripped from the headlines comes the latest in the Dexter Morgan series. After settling into married life and fatherhood, Dexter has finally learned to balance his Dark Passenger with his home life, even helping guide the little Dark Passengers in his life. Dexter never thought of himself as a family man, it was a mere distraction in the game of life he was playing. But lately he has found himself rushing home to make dinner and doing everything he can to keep his family safe.

So when a little girl is found dead and all signs to point her mother, Casey, as the killer, Dexter will not sit idly by. When a jury fails to convict, Dexter decides to take matters into his own hands. Only with such a high-profile case, Dex has to be at the height of his game. With the surprising help of Deb, Dexter tries to bring justice where the justice system failed.


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