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Rejected Book Plots

Not every book can be the next Twilight

LOST: Oceanic Flight 815: The Origin Story

 When you’re on LOST, it is come to be expected that your story of who you were before you ended up on the island gets told. Uncovering lost footage in the ABC Studio archives, comes the story of the Oceanic plane before it split in three changing the lives of its passengers forever.

See as it was first made in the factory to its historic first flight where Jacob came to visit the plane forever sealing its fate to the island and all the other events leading up to that historical day.

Watch as the Oceanic plane confronts its demons in the sideways world and once reconnected with Greg Grunberg is able to move on. LOST: Oceanic Flight 815: The Origin Story is a story of survival and how you can’t cheat fate no matter how flighty you are.


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