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Rejected Book Plots

Not every book can be the next Twilight

Frankenstein Goes To The Prom

Before Frankenstein wed his bride, they were high school sweethearts attending the prom. Frankenstein was always an outcast- awkward, couldn’t pass a medal detector, afraid of fire, he thought he was destined to be alone. Then one day as he hid down an alley from a vicious mob he saw her. She was the most gorgeous monster he had ever seen and he knew he had to be with her. He courted her for two months before she agreed to go to prom with him. Once she finally agreed, Frank knew he had to make it a magical night for the both of them!


Join Frank as he goes through the traditional horrors of prom from having his girlfriend’s father threaten the monster about curfew and keeping his daughter virtuous to their first dance of the rest of their lives.


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