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Rejected Book Plots

Not every book can be the next Twilight

The Adventures of Speedy the Second and Gladys the iPod

Speedy the Second was always living in the shadow of its owner’s former Honda- Speedy. Gladys was always ashamed of being a first generation video iPod. Then one day the unthinkable happened, these two seemingly unmatched machines were joined together to take the adventure of a lifetime.

Join Speedy the Second as he navigates the harsh road of life while Gladys plays the perfect song for the occasion. When Speedy the Second has to go into the shop, Gladys plays Fix You by Coldplay. When Speedy the Second has a long road trip, Gladys pumps The Distance by Cake through its 8 speaker system to get the gas flow moving. When Speedy the Second just wants to take a late night spin, Gladys is right there with some Jimmy Eat World Night Drive! It is as though these two machines finally found the perfect Fit*.

*Speedy the Second is a Honda Fit…that’s what make the joke funny!


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