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Rejected Book Plots

Not every book can be the next Twilight

Mad Libs: Rejected Book Plot Edition

Once upon a time there was a _______ (adj.) ________ (noun) that never wanted to _______(verb). _____ (noun) was best known for _______ (verb). Every Sunday _______ (noun) would _______(adverb) ________(verb) with ______(noun). Then one day a ______(adj.) _______(noun) came into _______(noun) and everything changed. It was as if the ______(adj.) ______(noun) took all the _____(noun) out of the _______(noun). What the _____(noun)?!? _____(noun) made a vow right then and there that ____(verb) would always be  ______(adverb). And they all lived ____(adverb) _____(adverb) ______(preposition).

_______(Definite Article) ________(verb)


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