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Rejected Book Plots

Not every book can be the next Twilight

Annie 2: Lost in London

Now that little orphan Annie has become little Annie Warbucks, what will happen when the party dies down and it is just her and her new family? After a rough year of learning about each other and Annie adjusting to having someone care about her, Daddy Warbucks decides to take her on a trip to London for the summer.

Once in this new magical place, Annie decides to go for a walk with Sandy and gets lost along the way. Wandering around London alone, she runs into another orphan boy named Oliver and the two go on pick-pocketing adventure to find her way back to her daddy.  Meanwhile, Daddy Warbucks scours London looking for his daughter only to run into Fagin who tries to con Daddy Warbucks for everything he’s worth.

Hijinks ensue with this crazy cross-over sequel and finally answers the question on everyone’s mind: What would happen if Annie and Oliver met?


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