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Rejected Book Plots

Not every book can be the next Twilight

The Perfect Space*

“I just want someone to sit and drink coffee with while we quietly mock the absurdity of others and occasionally break into song without being gay. THAT’S IT!” ~Abigail, Age 28

“I just want someone who doesn’t laugh when I try to reinvent flubber and likes their coffee the opposite of how they like their men and also likes sad songs. THAT’S IT!” ~Richard, Age 30

Abigail is a fairly successful businesswoman who just hasn’t found Mr. Right. Richard is a struggling inventor who just lost Mrs. Right Now. When these two meet at a local coffee shop, feelings start to percolate. Could it be love at first drop?


*In the movie adaptation of this wildly successful book, Kate Hudson has signed on to play Abigail and Ryan Renoylds as Richard. Opening July 2012.


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