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An Open Love Letter to Fox News From the Side of Me That Loves Watching You Fail

Dear Fox News,

I love how you call yourself “Fair and Balanced” and are the most biased network on television. I mean it, it may seem like sarcasm but I thrive on your misguided ideals and commentary. For instance, after President Obama announced Bin Laden was killed you ran this gem stating President Obama was dead- CLASSIC! More recently, I love how you told us all not to give up hope of Palin running in 2012 which, in itself, is comedy gold but it came with this insert:

Well Fox News, I hate to be the one to contradict you but that is Tina Fey NOT Sarah Palin. I know it is hard, telling the difference between a comedian playing a politician and the politician you actually employ as a correspondent for you-NO ONE IS JUDGING YOU FOX NEWS! I’m just a girl, standing in front of my television, professing my love for your news station.

Don’t ever change,

Michell’ Rae Keller


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