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Rejected Book Plots

Not every book can be the next Twilight

The Wizard of Odd

In this re-imagined classic you’ll follow Dorothy as she goes on a journey of supernatural proportions. On her way to find the Wizard and make her way back home, Dorothy finds a ghost who just wants to be corporeal, a vampire who wants a soul and a teen wolf who just wants to win the big high school basketball game. Not wanting to be alone in this new strange world, Dorothy takes these characters along with her as she goes somewhere over the rainbow to a merry old land of Odd.

Will Eric ever get his soul back? Will Casper ever get his body back? Can Michael J. Fox win the respect of his peers without going all beast on them? When Dorothy finally leaves, who will she miss most of all?

Take a trip with Dorothy, Eric, Casper and Michael J. Fox as they make their way to the wizard encountering a lot of strange occurrences along the way. With the Wicked Witch hot on their trail, making these dreams come true won’t be as easy as easing down the road.



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