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Rejected Book Plots

Not every book can be the next Twilight

The End of the Beginning.

No one knows what was going on in the mind of the dinosaurs before extinction for sure except one man: Dr. Jack Spallsac. A self proclaimed expert in dinosaur psychology, Dr. Spallsac was the first (and only) in his field to suggest the accuracy of the television show Dinosaurs. Having little to no proof, the great doctor suggested that dinosaurs had a sociological need to work and build with ones own hands. He says there was a caste system and how high up you were in the construction business would determine your level of respect among the community.

Join Dr. Jack Spallsac as he speculates what went on in the minds of these dinosaur families before the giant astroid wiped them off this dying Earth. (It should be noted that Dr. Jack Spallsac is a doctor in the same way Dr. Pepper is a doctor, which is to say not at all. He also thinks Jurassic Park is an autobiographical film that the government labeled fiction to protect itself from any potential lawsuits. He is in no way an expert. His mother would beg to differ.)


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