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Rejected Book Plots

Not every book can be the next Twilight

Will You Go Pee For Me?

Dr. Schellenbaum was a renowned scientist who devoted his entire life’s work to developing the technology that would allow a proxy to go pee for them. The implications for this device were many. No longer would filibusters have to end due to lack of bladder control. Never again would you miss a movie’s climax because you just couldn’t hold it any longer! Bedwetting would be a thing of the past along with ham casseroles and openly drinking at the office. Then the day before his invention went public, Dr. Schellenbaum was murdered and his invention stolen.

Could it have been the social radicals who have been protesting Dr. Schellenbaum’s work calling it “unnatural” and “of the devil”? Was it the corporation that tried to buy the product but even after millions of dollars and a private jet, Dr. Shellenbaum wouldn’t sell? Was it the bed sheet manufactures who stood to lose the most if this invention saw the light of day?

In this Grisham-esque thriller, Will You Go Pee For Me? is a tale of betrayal, mystery and the politics behind invention patents.



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