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Rejected Book Plots

Not every book can be the next Twilight

SGFSWAGASJAMLI: Support Group For Superhero Wives and Girlfriends and Sometimes Just a Minor Love Interest

On my honour I promise that I will do my best—
To do my duty to God and my Country
To help other people at all times and
To obey the Superhero Law.

I’d like to call to order the meeting of SGFSWAGASJAMLI. Does anybody have any new business? Yes, Mary Jane?

Peter was out all hours of the night last night. I want to believe he is out saving the world but he came home smelling like booze and floozies, how am I supposed to trust him?

I know what you mean, Mary Jane! Bruce was in his lair with Robin for most of the night. I’m starting to suspect something fishy here. No grown men should spend that much time together in tights playing with toys.

Ladies, this is the burden of being with heroes. These men serve a greater purpose, we may not understand it but it is not for us to understand. We need to stand by our men and wait for them to come home so we can take care of them. Most of our men aren’t even human, Rachel. You should be happy your superhero is just a billionaire with a God-complex. The rest of us ladies have the added burden of being with non-human or altered-human heroes. This is the responsibility we all share, that and recipes for cornbread casserole. Without us ladies standing behind our men, there would be no superheroes, only philandering men with misguided abilities.

Join Mary Jane, Rachel, Lois, Pepper and the rest of the SGFSWAGASJAMLI ladies next week as they share a recipe for an 8-Layer Bean Dip that is out of this world good (straight from Krypton!) and discuss the best way to get nemesis blood out of spandex.



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