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Rejected Book Plots

Not every book can be the next Twilight

Fight For Your Right To Party

As with electronics, cross-pollination, and society as a whole the future of war is evolving. In 2096, war with other countries will cease to exist. In fact, a global catastrophe will force the continents to merge together once again which will be known as Re-Pangaea. Citizens of each country will pledge allegiance to Earth and world peace will finally find its place rendering the question portion of Beauty Pageants unnecessary.

However, in this new peaceful society there is a ban on partying. In 2099, a remix of Party Like It’s 1999 (only it’s 2099) is released and becomes the anthem for the rebellion. The rebellion is filled with young kids and old hippies who don’t want to give up their right to party. There will be much bloodshed in the years to come.

Will the global government give a little when it comes to good times? Will the old adage of Support the Troops Not The War still be relevant? Did the Beastie Boys know their hit would start a revolution a century later?


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