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Rejected Book Plots

Not every book can be the next Twilight

Is it considered murder if I go back in time and keep you from  being born? (asking for a friend)

Boys will be boys and Stewart and Richard were no different. These brothers fought about everything: girls, who gets the shower first, the last Pop Tart and every time Richard would win because he was the eldest and was much stronger. What Stewart lacked in size he made up for in intelligence. From an early age Stewart had his nose in a book learning everything he could about science and physics. This did nothing to help get his brother to leave him alone. One day Stewart snapped, he got it in his mind that if Richard was never born his life would be better. He would get the girls, hot shower and last cinnamon Pop Tart. He knew what he had to do, build a time machine and keep his brother from being conceived.

What Stewart didn’t count on was the ripple in the space-time continuum changing the past would cause. Inadvertently he had created a new world. Everything was the way it was only different. As he predicted, his life was better but his parents were sad. It was as though they knew something was missing they just didn’t know what. Could Stewart save his parents marriage? If he went back in time to stop himself from going back in time would everything be fixed? He knew while it meant giving up being happy it also meant making the ones he loves happy. Whose happiness was more important?


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