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Rejected Book Plots

Not every book can be the next Twilight

If I had $1,000,000…

  1. I’d buy an ant farm and whatever it built I’d take it to an architect and have him recreate the ant’s work and built a new super city.
  2. I’d order a large pepperoni pizza without sauce.
  3. I’d get a bank loan ’cause building a new city ain’t cheap.
  4. I’d get turned down for a bank loan ’cause building a city based on a design from my ants isn’t “fiscally responsible”.
  5. My new super city would be abandoned during construction once I’ve run out of money.
  6. Neighboring towns would sue me for ruining the value of their land in comparison to the fiasco I “built”.
  7. I’d flee the country after receiving investments from people interested in living in the new super city. Temporarily named: Awesomeville.
  8. The government would step in and seize my land and build a new mall in its place.
  9. I’d tell the natives how building a new mall was my plan all along because America doesn’t have enough malls. I was really just doing my fellow citizens a favor. Because these people are foreigners, they believe me.
  10. Back in the states, I’d go down in history as dumbest millionaire ever.

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