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Rejected Book Plots

Not every book can be the next Twilight

The Last Place You Look.

*Please note the addition of an audio track. This is to accompany you whilst you read this rejected book plot. Think of it as the soundtrack to the book* 

August was at the top of his game, he thought he had everything he wanted in life: great job, amazing car, a parade of girls that never stayed through breakfast in his modest seven bedroom home in the Hills. He was living the dream. His childhood friends were all getting married and having kids and raving about how wonderful it all is. Gus didn’t want any of that- he was happy with the way things were. But isn’t that how every great love story begins? At least that is how every so-so Matthew Mcconaughey film begins.

One night Gus didn’t feel like being alone so went home with the annoying waitress who was always hitting on him. After a few too many cocktails and a roll in hay he sent her packing. In hindsight she should not have be driving but he couldn’t stand one more minute of her complaining about her boss giving Sheryl all the good shifts because they’re “porking in the freezer”. No sooner did Gus turn off the light to head upstairs that he heard a crash and then the squeal of tires peeling out. Gus ran out the door hoping it was just a trash can she hit but somehow he knew this wouldn’t be the case. It wasn’t. Helen, an avid night jogger, was laying in the middle of the road in complete agony. Gus called for an ambulance and ran to her side.

Helen thought Gus was her angel. He stayed with her until the paramedics arrived and even rode with her to the hospital. He stopped by the hospital every day while she was recovering to make sure she was okay. Helen was starting to fall in love with him and didn’t understand how she had gotten so lucky. Gus and Helen had talked about the possibilty of her never walking again and while it pained both of them to think about it, Gus assured her that he would carry her all the places she wanted to go.

Gus had never felt this way about anyone. Could he have fallen in love while he wasn’t looking? Or was he just feeling guilty that he caused this mess? He thought he could really be with Helen forever but he knew she would never forgive him if she knew the truth of the hit and run. Did Gus love her enough to tell her or would he live with the guilt forever?


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