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Rejected Book Plots

Not every book can be the next Twilight

One Bug’s Life

The movies like to portray the life of a bug as a good time where everyone works together and gets along.

Truth is, a bug’s life is lonely if you aren’t like the other bugs. Meet Tom. Tom likes books where the main character gets written into incredibly odd situations (like a guy who starts an underground fight club through the encouragement of his imaginary friend) and the only way to get out of them is to read your way out. Or books that tell multiple stories at once making it far more complicated but infinitely more complex than it needs to be. He listens to music that is more about lyrics than a beat. He will tell you that Beard Folk is the best of all music. He watches movies that no one in his farm has ever heard of. He tried to get some of the other bugs to watch The Royal Tenenbaums but they didn’t make it past the mild yet tasteful lesbian scene. He didn’t fit in. Then one day his brother went missing and Tom gets sent on a rescue mission of Saving Private Ryan proportions. Will Tom be able to save his brother before winter hits and they have to go underground? Will finding the prodigal son finally earn the respect of his peers? Will Tom
find common ground with the other bugs learning how to work as a community? How awful is the message in Happy Feet?


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