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Rejected Book Plots

Not every book can be the next Twilight

Make Like a Tree and Get Out of Here: The Biff Tannen Story.

Biff Tannen is without question the bully in McFly’s life. But Biff wasn’t always a bad guy, it all started when he was about five years old. One day his father went out for a gallon of milk and never came back. When Biff asked his father why he needed a suitcase to go to the store he knocked on his head and told Biff, “Hello! Biff! Anyone home?”. Then six months later his mother died and Biff started being passed around from foster family to foster family, each one worse than the next. The only constant in Biff’s life was the presence of the McFly family. Through good times and bad they always remained a family. Biff envied that.

Take a journey through time as Biff transforms from a scared little boy into the most feared man in Hill Valley. The Biff Tannen story is one that will make you want to get up to 88 MPH and go back in time to save Biff’s mother from overdosing on cocaine to keep the Tannen family together. Let’s make like a banana and leave this book open for all to read.


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