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Rejected Book Plots

Not every book can be the next Twilight

A day with my spirit animal

While driving to work one morning Scott saw a coyote in the cotton field. Knowing this was no accident, Scott realized it must be his spirit animal guiding him and knew he had two choices: stay on his current path and end up at the office or follow his spirit guide and end on the path to enlightenment. Doing the only sane thing, Scott took a hard right into the cotton field and followed his spirit guide into the nothingness of the dessert.

Over the next 37 hours, Scott was transformed.

He was no longer Scott the Office Drone he was Scott Master of his Domain! Half man-Half coyote with the resolve of a bear and the weightlessness of a bird, Scott was a new man. Would Scott be able to stay on his new path or would his Prius lease force him to take another “job” working for the “man”? Once you find the path to enlightenment is it up to you to put others on the right path? Could Scott ever watch Coyote Ugly again?

Find out as Scott takes a journey of Siddhartha proportions without all that “Indian Philosophy” and “Four Nobel Truths” nonsense.


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