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Rejected Book Plots

Not every book can be the next Twilight

Would it be weird if I wanted to steal that kid and raise him as my own? …and other reasons I’m suppressing my biological clock.

Beth was a late bloomer, she was always more concerned with books than boys. By the time she graduated college she was so focused on her career as an editor that the thought of having a personal life seemed not only foreign but impractical. More than this, she was totally fine with the idea of getting herself established before involving others in her life. So you could imagine her surprise when one day she had this overwhelming urge to steal the super cute child on the subway and raise him as her own. What was happening? She had read lots of stories of woman who felt a sort of clock ticking telling you it is time to have a child but she never thought she was one of them.

Then Max entered the subway. 

She never realized kids could be so cute but she knew she wanted one. Could it be time to hang up her single life and settle down in the burbs? Join Beth on a journey of Carrie Bradshaw proportions only instead of trolling for Manolo Blahnik and a haircut for Aiden she will be searching for an answer to if women can have a personal and professional life successfully or if she will have to choose. If so, which will she choose?


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