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Rejected Book Plots

Not every book can be the next Twilight

Janet: Upside-down

Janet was awaken this morning to a thump. She was that thump. In the course of the night while she slumbered the world had literally turned upside down. Could this be? She looked down and was wearing pants for a shirt and shirt for pants. It came true!

Last night Janet and her friends went to the fair and there was fortune telling machine, Janet having a particularly hard day wished for everything to be opposite. She was sick of her life the way it was and was convinced if everything were opposite her life would be perfect.

 Now up was down, left was right, hot was cold, peanut butter contained actual nuts- everything was quite literally opposite. It was splendid. Janet checked her phone and had a thousand messages, she went into work and the receptionist made her coffee without burning it. It was truly magical. It was as if everyone knew and loved her and for once it wasn’t because she ran into the glass window. In this world she was bizarro Janet.

Everything was going great for once in Janet’s life she felt like she was contributing to society. Then one day she was watching the news and there was a special report that with the oceans now on the ceiling millions of animals were falling out and dying. She had changed the world and it was suffering because of it.

Janet now had to decide between her new perfect world and the world itself. Join Janet as she takes a journey of self discovery and heroism in this thrilling tale of what it means to be yourself when the world turns opposite.

Will she be able to change the world back before it is too late?


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