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Not every book can be the next Twilight

Trump for President!… and other reasons Not-America hates America


In a nation whose dollar keeps falling, is in debt to nearly everyone and has entire television shows devoted to women who didn’t know they were pregnant, it is no wonder we are generally hated as a culture. OK, I’m sure calling every other country “Not-America” is not doing us any favors either.

However, I have to ask, which is worse: living in a country where freedom of anything is so closely guarded you can’t even go on Facebook (how will people know when I’ve had another Diet Coke?!?) or living in a country where there are so many flavors of vodka they’ve actually created a whipped cream flavor (Put it on your pumpkin pie for a delightfully drunken time)?

If it comes down to an abundant annoyance of choices and a Kardashian on every channel or having to always cover my head I will choose America every single time. And let’s be honest, you would too. So yes, we eat ourselves to death, have a woman’s basketball league and framed pictures of lawn chairs hanging in the office but we are still the land of opportunity and freedom.

This book will take a look at just why America is hated by other countries. Spoiler Alert: They are envious*.

*Envious is the correct term. Americans constantly misuse the word jealous, but when you’re the nation that uses meat as bread you can’t really get bogged down by “grammar” and “definitions”.


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