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Not every book can be the next Twilight

If You Had To Choose: A Thesis On the Perils of Meaningless Choices and Just How Much Influences These Choices Have on our Moral Development

If you had to choose, like gun to your head these were your only two options to escape death’s grip, would you choose a kangaroo as your only friend where you had to denounce all your other friends and go everywhere with Jack OR your only mode of transportation was a skateboard surgically attached to your feet?

Dreaming of hoverboards his entire life, could Eric give up that dream for a skateboard and unlimited friend choices? Or will Eric turn his back on the friendships he’s depended on all these years for the warm pouch and promise of planes, trains and automobiles? Eric will delve deep into the moral implications of each choice and how Freud’s theory of Psychosexual development will play the largest role in your decision in this gripping 562 page thesis on the ultimate decision:

Technology or Companionship?

Eric VonTrap is a senior at Berkeley defending his thesis on the pros and cons of each scenario before the doctoral board. Based on the outcome decided by the board, this thesis will be available for purchase, download or pirating June 1st.


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