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Rejected Book Plots

Not every book can be the next Twilight

Eggcelent: Peter Cottontail’s First Easter
Papa and Mama Cottontail had a nearly perfect life the only thing missing was a bunny to call their own. One stormy night in October after 78 rabbit hours of labor the answer to their prayers arrived: Peter was born. Peter was a simple bunny, he loved frolicking in fields and eating carrots. He wasn’t the most popular bunny in town, that was Paul PolyesterFoot, but he did have lots of friends.
Growing up around rabbits your whole life you tend to hear old wives tails (pun intended!), most of them are about Easter Time. Everyrabbit claims to be distantly related to the Easter Bunny if not by blood than marriage I even heard one bunny claim by magic. The rumor was every Easter Sir Bunny would choose a new bunny to take with him to help hide the eggs and fill up the baskets for the children. No one had ever been chosen from their village so Peter just assumed it was a myth. On the eve of Easter, Peter’s parents made him go to bed early because the Easter Bunny only comes when the rabbit is sleeping. Just when Peter was drifting off into another land of pirates and adolescence (like Peter Pan, get it?!?) he heard a noise. He heard it at first, it was like a little rock hitting his bedpost, only it wasn’t a rock it was a jellybean! Could the stories be true? All of the sudden his roof flew open and the room started to fill up with jellybeans, hundreds of thousands of jelly beans began raining down into his bedroom! Then there was a very bright light coming from his closet. Peter swam over to the closet door to open it up, what he saw he never would have thought possible. Standing at what seemed to be a 100 feet tall was the one and only, the stuff legends are made of, Sir Easter Bunny the 349th.

 Peter didn’t know what to do, he then remembered what his father had always taught him: when you meet a new bunny you look them in the eyes, shake their hand and tell them it is nice to meet them. And that is exactly what he did. The Easter Bunny noted that he’d never met a more polite rabbit at such a young age in his life. Peter told him manners have no age limit. Over the next 7 hours, Peter traveled to every village in Madeupville delivering candy and hiding eggs (egg hiding was his favorite). The rate at which they could visit these houses was astonishing. It is as though time stopped just for them so they wouldn’t miss one single child.
I once asked Peter how they got into people’s houses and he looked around, gestured me forward and whispered “It’s a secret”. To this day, 38 years later, I still don’t know how Peter got in to those houses. We’ve been married for the over twenty-five years and he has never divulged his secret. When our bunnies ask him about his night with the Easter Bunny he only mutters one thing: It. Was. Eggcellent.
THE END! Hoppy Easter everyone!


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