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Is Violence Wrong if it is TOTALLY Justified?

I mean, hear me out- there is this girl at work who is like, completely annoying. I’m not the only one who thinks so either. We call her Betsy McBuzzkilljoy, not to her face of course, we aren’t animals… like Betsy! Oooooooh, burn! No, seriously I’m sure y’all have one of them in your office. Ya know the one, informing you that you’re not allowed personal objects at your desk or coffee breaks are breaks not vacations. UGH! We had a Christmas, excuse me Holiday party in December and she convinced the bosses to donate the money they were going to spend on booze to orphaned children. Betsy McBuzzkilljoy strikes again! Awkward, drunken hook-ups have been at an all-time low. She even started coming to Happy Hour ensuring it feels like Forced Conversation Week.

Sick of Betsy’s holier than thou routine, the gang and I decided to play a little prank on the princess. She initiated a new rule that eating at your desk was a distraction and should only happen in the break room. So we decided to fill her office with Cheetos on her lunch break. HARMLESS. Good ol’ Bets got me written up. It is as though she is a hole that everything fun falls into.


Honestly, is violence wrong if it is totally justified? Not like murder or anything. But maybe a good old-fashioned beat down outside her car one of those nights she makes us work late to make up for water cooler gossip stealing company time. I’ll show her how we load a copy machine in Texas (with our boots) ((…in her ass))!


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