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My Year With Whitesnake

The year was 2007. The band was Ohio’s fifth most popular Whitesnake cover band: Snakebite. I was to spend a year traveling with the band ghost writing their memoir Here I Go Again, penning the antics of a rock band singing another rock band’s hits. (You would be amazed at how popular Glam Metal is in Middle America.)

The men of this band are washed up, wanna be rock stars who stock shelves during the week at the local Pack and Sack. However, once the weekend begins and the lights dim they turn into gods of their craft seamlessly shifting from one hit to the next. For two hours a night you can time travel to 1981 and get lost in music as long as you are Ready an’ Willing.

Snakebite is so good you’ll question who is better, Whitesnake or their tribute band. On stage they are kings, but when the wigs comes off they can’t even get the respect of their children who have made several YouTube videos and blog posts mocking their hobby.

This was going to be the year everything changed for them. 2007 was to be Snakebite’s final tour before they disbanded because Dave had to move back to Wisconsin to take care of his ailing parents. They were determined to make every show count.

This is where I came in, I was hired to document Snakebite: Is This Love: The Final Showdown tour. The next year of my life would be the weirdest and most inspirational I would ever experience.

Take a journey with me as I recount my experiences cataloging their experiences in this memoir of a memoir. My Year With Whitesnake will leave you wondering why you’ve never traveled with a cover band and simultaneously make you feel like you have.


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