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Rejected Book Plots

Not every book can be the next Twilight

Suburban Pneumonia

Jane was in her senior year at Columbia when she was asked to participate in a study on human behavior and mating. For four weeks Jane was to go to the Psych Lab every Monday night from 6pm-10pm and be put under heavy hypnosis. Thinking hypnosis was a crock, Jane decided to participate in the study and earn “the easiest $500 of my life”.

The first Monday was pretty typical, lots of keep your eye on the watch kind of thing. She was asked questions about her personal life and history of relationships. The second Monday was much like the first, or so she thought. Each session Jane revealed more of herself than she ever had before, even to herself. By the third hypnosis session Jane was calling ex-boyfriends trying to figure out where it all went wrong without any recollection of it. The only proof she had it was more than a dream were the waves of Facebook messages she kept receiving asking her what crazy pills she took and whether she had any more. 

The night of the fourth and final session Jane would find herself doing something she could never take back. Most of the night was a blur and has been coming back to her in fractured pieces. She remembered only this with absolute clarity: the girl in the room next to her was in her second week of the study and kept screaming about her severe case of “Jungle Fever”. She recalled this bugging her and when the therapist asked her about her experience with ethnic men she said “What’s the opposite of Jungle Fever?” Then her memory goes black.

The next morning Jane awoke with a tattoo that said “Suburban Pneumonia” next to her therapist and a hotel room full of “Just Married” balloons. What the hell happened last night?

Take a journey as Jane tries to put together the pieces of how a simple research study turned into marriage she can’t remember. Part The Hangover, part Memento, part Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, this is a story you won’t soon remember.


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