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Rejected Book Plots

Not every book can be the next Twilight


Representation Of Best Office Technology or ROBOT for short was a manufactured life form. He was created to make Walter Reed’s life easier at the office. ROBOT was a wiz when it came to keeping the books accurate enough for the IRS, making sure the copy machine never ran out of paper and answering the phone. The one thing Walter never counted on was ROBOT’s desire to do more. ROBOT was constantly learning and once he learned all he could from WalterCorp he would find himself dreaming of a place outside the office. Walter could see ROBOT was distracted and when he called his manufacture to get a new, more focused model he had no idea ROBOT was listening in.

Distraught and betrayed ROBOT set out on a journey of knowledge and factory-built discovery. He walked and walked until coming upon a foreign land he had never seen but in books. There were kings leading and knights jousting and jesters heckling and wenches wenching. ROBOT was overcome with the desire to immerse himself in this new land they called “Renaissance Festival”. This world seemed so much simpler than the one he left behind. Could a machine built for an office fit in a town based in the past?

World’s collide as past meets future in this present day tale of what it means to be home.


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