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Not every book can be the next Twilight

Abe Lincoln: Hero or Hat Enthusiast?

Abe Lincoln was more than your 16th President, he was a true Maverick. Abe or Abrahat, as his friends used to call him, loved many things: sketching, black women, the theatre but none more than his collection of hats. Abraham used to say, “You can tell a lot about a man by the size of his hat.” I guess he was right; Senator Stephen Douglas didn’t even wear a hat.

One night, Abrahat came home to find his cabin robbed, his hats stolen and his heart and life forever changed. Abe’s new focus became finding justice for his hats and all top hats in America. While searching for his lost hats, Abe became a lost man himself- always questioning his decisions he used to feel so adamantly about. Were the hats the true source of his maverick-ness? Could he learn to lead a nation without Thomas the Top Hat? How could people not believe in evolution when I so clearly look like a monkey? He was riddled with so many questions.

Join Abe on his harrowing journey of self-discovery, revenge and head wear as he navigates his way through a new, hatless world.

Be the end of this tale you’ll be asking yourself, Abe Lincoln: Hero or Hat Enthusiast?


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